Children Tawargha

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I bambini di Tawargha

They smile, children Tawargha, while singing in a group, for the few visitors who come to see them in this refugee camp on the outskirts of Tripoli, the ballad of their despair. They converted an old song in Libya, putting them in ways the frightening odyssey of Misrata militiamen attacking their homes, the city on fire, walking the long march of 80 miles, and then the new life in these tin sheds The constant fear of new attacks, the wonder of who discovers overnight that is the color of one's skin to trigger hatred. "Libya was a country alone - the song - from north to south, from east to west. So why those Misrata attack us with RPGs? ".

That's Tawarga was the blackest page (and better concealed) the so-called Libyan Revolution against Muammar Gaddafi. It 'was written on August 13, but after six months continues to produce trains and bleeding. A textbook case of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the militias (white) of Measured against the population (Black) Tawargha, a town of 40 thousand inhabitants, guilty only of having hosted the 32nd Brigade of Khamis Gaddafi in the long months of the siege in what was the city-martyr of the revolution of 17 February. I still do not know exactly how many have been victims - at least a thousand among the dead and missing persons, tell us refugees - but what is certain is that we wanted to cancel this town off the map and that its inhabitants Survivors were forced to flee, probably forever. In nothing but complaints are served by Human Rigths Whatch and Amnesty International : persecution is indeed continue even in refugee camps - in complete disregard of the new authorities - and still are reported killings, arbitrary arrests and violence. The last attack of the militias of Misrata took place last week in the Naval Academy in Tripoli, home to another group of refugees from Tawarga: the budget was 7 killed and fifteen wounded. "It ' just that those of us has been guilty of crimes against the people of Misrata to be punished - he says the old man who acts as head of the refugee camp - but it is absurd that you want to punish an entire city and its 40 thousand inhabitants. And 'justice this? And this is the new Libya? "

In fact, Tawarga has only uncovered the pot of new hatreds that threaten to poison the future of the new Libya. At the time of this hate Gaddafi had been absorbed and defused at the same time thanks to the system of alliances and sinecures which Colonel exercised his power. The rest was its repressive apparatus, which swept away all dissenso.Oggi, however, political instability and the growing power of the militias allow hatred to take root, grow and become a very powerful source of identity. Thus emerges a Libya divided between white people and black people of the coastal area of ​​the South, including not always get on well and that today may show no qualms about each other's prejudices, especially in areas where they are forced to live with. And 'what is happening, for example, in the oasis of Kufra, between the Tubu (blacks) and Zwai (white), with at least fifty deaths in recent weeks . Yet both groups have sided with the revolution of 17 February against Gaddafi's regime. Evidently, the getting rid of the Colonel is not enough to build a new Libya, truly free and democratic society.

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